our staff

At Wood Creek Academy, we feel our greatest asset is our diverse and highly qualified staff. Our staff members include two accredited teachers with over 35 years combined experience in the public school system, a LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LAC, licensed addictions counselor, Certified Registered Nurse and local volunteer firemen. In addition all staff members are EMTs (emergency medical technicians) certified, emergency first-aid trained staff and a non-violent crisis prevention certified trainer. Each young man is assigned a one-on-one mentor who will use a step-by-step process to teach the basic principles of living responsibly. Our experienced and talented staff teach everything from sewing on a button to skinning a tree. Daily support staff are always available to listen to and encourage individuals to turn their lives around.


Our team looks forward to serving you and your family during this highly stressful time as you search for a solution to helping your son. We are committed to helping troubled youth engage in more positive behaviors by instilling in them a Desire and Determination to change the Direction of his own Destiny. It is our goal to make the world a better place by reaching out to struggling youth and their families and making them whole.

Please explore our website or call an admissions counselor at 866.694.8882 for additional information about how Wood Creek Academy can help your family.