Earlier, all boy’s boarding schools was a luxury of the rich. Only the well-heeled people could send their kids to such schools. However, things began to change gradually and boys from different regions, religions and socioeconomic strata started to be included in such schools. Furthermore, the education fees of such schools and institutions reduced drastically making it affordable for the middle class.

All boys’ boarding schools provide boys an opportunity to undergo structured education processes for all age groups. These schools are further divided into two: 1. General education schools that cover general educational subjects 2. Specialized education schools that provide tailor made education catering to specific needs of individuals.

Most of these schools give admission to boys that have cleared the 9th grade. However, there are many international schools that accept younger students as well.

The best thing about studying in such a school is the boys get special attention in studies, sports and many recreational activities. Since, the child is subjected to ‘same sex’ environment; he is more inclined to be focused to achieve what he has set out for. Of late, all boys’ therapeutic schools have also come into place.