When a teen goes through depression, feelings of aloneness and helplessness usually manifest themselves in bouts of anger, hostility and irritation. For a parent, it can be difficult to keep cool and tackle the problem properly. However, learning how to handle your kid’s depressive state can help him come out of it sooner and have a deeper appreciation of your help.
• Lend an ear: All too often, adults forget they were teenagers once who only needed someone to talk to. Instead of lecturing and telling them off, listen as you would listen to a friend with problems. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and don’t force them to take advice they never asked you to give.

• Lend a shoulder: Teens and parents are in a tug-of-war that lasts till they reach adulthood but deep down, all teenagers crave support from their parents. If your teen needs you to support certain decisions he’s made, make it known that he has your support.

• Don’t judge: The adolescent years are about making mistakes in the course of making decisions. As adults, we’re clearer on the subject of consequence and how one act can lead to a certain outcome. For teens, such foresight isn’t necessarily present so it’s important that you let your wards make some mistakes with no judgment from your side. Unless the decision needs adult intervention, tell them of your views but give them the freedom to grow up and learn from their mistakes.