Government and social institutions understand the need of providing help to troubled teens. Why? Well, as per the statistics, youth comprises of a major part of the demographic profile of the country. If the teen is not paid attention to, the future would surely turn out to be bleak.

For such reasons, government has made provisions to make sure that troubled teens get adequate attention and specialized care. Many rehab centers and troubled teen help centers have been opened in the country. Nonprofit organizations and Social welfare department of the government have initiated many movements in this regard. One of the many initiatives is opening up of affordable troubled teen rehab centers. These rehab centers provide affordable long term and short term treatment procedures tailored to fit the specific needs of troubled teens. Various kinds of teaching and psychological procedures outline these corrective training programs to help troubled teens to come out of their problems and focus on positive aspects of life. Cognitive therapy plays an important role in helping these troubled kids to give up negative habits and skill based trainings help them build upon themselves for the future. These programs are fully funded by the government.