A lot of parents experience problems with their sons or daughters when those are teenagers. The main problem sometimes consist of a total lack of communication and the troubled teen will eventually avoid most of the talks that back in the days he or she enjoyed so much. Reason for this? In most cases, the problem lies with the company they keep, new friends and peers have significant impact on adolescents.

These influences commonly referred to as the entourage’s nucleus is formed in high school. Some teen’s behavior changes and start acting-up in order to stand out among their peers, sometimes is a response to bullying or a low self-esteem, some kids feel a need to demonstrate their superiority and stand-out.  Some children are heavily influenced by the perception of others kids, especially in the age of social media.  24/7 Social Media also causes confusion, frustration, competitiveness and anxiety.  Furthermore, the entourage can encourage and influence new odd or even bad behavior, suddenly your good kid is unrecognizable.  For example, your kid might be considered “weak” if he doesn’t smoke, drink or ditch classes in order to attend events, bars or clubs. Some teens can be challenged by this and in order to fit in, they do things that they usually don’t do.

What you must know, as a parent, is that there are solutions for this and despite your kid’s unnatural behavior, he is not alone.  That is why professional and qualified people have developed therapies and programs that can help your teen. You can take your son or daughter to a teen help facility and the troubled teen might find his path in this life, develop new coping skills and further develop confidence to stand up and walk away from those bad influences.