The troubled teens are the one whose lives have gone out of control and they have indulged themselves in various kinds of unhealthy activities like smoking, drug addiction and many more. There have been many cases when the teenagers are involved in vandalizing and stealing as well.

Under severe cases, they join a street gang that simply ruins their lives and the teenagers (at this time of their lives) are completely unaware of it. If you have a teen who you feel is in trouble then you must be proactive about it. There are various treatment centers that are designed for these troubled teens. They have professional staff over there who know how to bring the troubled teens back on track.

It is also important to know that you can enroll your child in a residential school because the staff keeps a keen eye on these teens. Most of the time, the insurance cover does not cover these bills and therefore the parents are a bit reluctant to consider such residential schools.

However, there are certain schools that offer financial help to the parents who cannot afford to pay the fees. There are various boarding schools that have been opened and are especially designed for the troubled teens. These boarding schools supervise the students for twenty four hours and assist the teens in becoming better individuals, while helping the parents with various avenues to pay for the school fees.