Troubled teenager boys need to be taught life skills to help overcome the problems as they mature. This can be offered by teen residential treatment centers and it is a good idea to take your son to such a therapeutic facility. By the time your defiant teenager is in trouble with school, using drugs or alcohol or becomes involved in some illegal activity you are angry and depressed and at your wits end. Most parents are ill equipped to know what to do at this point and postponing seeking help will not make it disappear.  You will consider the worse case scenario of a juvenile military boot camp or intervention program.  Or in a state of denial you may think that sending you child to a aunt or uncle in the country as a lighter way of helping your child will work.  The problem is that both solutions are to the extreme.  You are still sending the problem away.  The first case is a punishment the second a reward.  It is important that you find a specialized therapeutic facility that takes a holistic approach to identifying the root cause of your troubled teen boy’s problems. A residential treatment program will focus on rebuilding his life through a solid balance of family values, outdoor wilderness activity, academic achievement and community service.

Depression, anger, and  defiance from a young man’s childhood will eventually affect your son’s life.  Problems with family dynamics in boys are expressed in very different ways during teens.  They become confused and find it difficult to express, and articulate their needs.  Parents become foreign and unfamiliar.  Teens can only relate to one another.  If a child is unsure of himself his emotions become bottled up and are acted out in hostility toward loved ones.  Depression and anger and seeking drugs and alcohol as pain relievers from the reality of life are not uncommon.    Although a troubled teen boy will learn to live with this, they are experimenting with an abnormal lifestyle not living up to delights of life lived at its’ fullest. Boys might have permanent low self-esteem and in the worst cases, they will hurt others and themselves, by turning to sex, drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. You can avoid this! A holistic rehabilitation center teaching social skills in a peer setting helps reinforce living life on life’s terms.

A boarding school for troubled youth with a drug free teen 12 step type program will be effective in treating the causes of your troubled teenager’s behavior problems. A solid team of qualified team professional will offer the necessary assistance to you and your son. You can change your son and he will be forever grateful to you. No matter how hard a problem might seem, there are professional solutions and you must remember that you are not alone in this journey.

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