The residential treatment centers are high in demand these days because they provide twenty four hour assistance to the troubled teens who have been going under severe emotional distress. The most common rehabilitation forms include family, individual and group therapy.

The treatment centers also provide special education, behavior therapy, medical services and recreation therapy. The residential services are provided to the children in a private facility or even in a state facility. Regular treatment is being carried out and usually takes longer than a few weeks. The most effective residential treatment program is the one where the staff uses a boundary model. The boundary model takes into account all the frustration and difficulties the teenagers have to go through as they are surrounded by so many rules and limitations.

With the help of a cooperative staff, the teenagers learn the importance of these rules and regulations and learn how to live within these boundaries. The best part about the residential service is that it let the teenagers engage in recreational activities like diversionary activities, adventure learning and organized sports. They also go for activities such as white water rafting, camping and hiking as well. It is believed that these activities tend to reduce defense mechanisms that evoke anxiety.