Drug abuse is a serious issue especially when it comes to teenagers as they’re at a volatile age. With so many substances freely available, the problem is compounded and difficult to keep a check on. Add to that troubles at home, peer pressure, low self-esteem and the usual teen angst and we have ourselves a veritable cauldron of problems.
The risk factors of teen drug abuse are many and it helps to identify them. This will give us an advantage and help us minimize the factors so that teenagers don’t fall victim to substance abuse that easily.

Teens having a family history of substance abuse are at greater risk of abusing drugs themselves. This doesn’t mean that every teen who has a father or a mother with a drug problem will turn out to be addicts themselves. Rather, there is a predisposition to abuse drugs but it can be combated by instilling good values and educating them on the risks involved with substance abuse.

Poor parent-child relationship
Teens who have a rocky relationship with their parents find it harder to steer clear of substance abuse especially if there is neglect or abuse – sexual, physical and/or emotional – on the part of the parents.

Unrealistic expectations
Some parents have an unrealistic expectation of their children. If teens can’t meet these expectations, they begin to harbor feelings of not being good enough.
Risk-taking behavior
Certain teenagers have personality types that make them take dangerous risks in order to feel fulfilled. These activities can take a wrong turn which can sometimes turn fatal.