Parents are the biggest influence in a child’s life and have the power to make or break their children. If they are good role models, their kids will learn to emulate them. If they are a negative influence, then the children will grow up into adults with a skewed sense of responsibility. Good parenting, thus, is the key to keeping teens away from drugs and destructive behavior and the conditions that follow such actions like depression, low self-esteem and violent and suicidal tendencies.

It’s true that good parenting doesn’t always prevent a teenager from straying off the right path but the percentage of those who do so is low. Drug abuse is common among teens with parents who neglect and abuse them which is why experts continue to stress on honing parental skills.

One of the biggest lessons parents can teach their children is problem-solving. Once a teen knows how to tackle various situations, he won’t see the need to turn to drugs for the answer. Likewise, if parents teach their kids self-worth, they won’t rely on drugs to make them feel ‘better’.

According to the experts, religion can play a positive role in helping teens stay away from drugs. This shouldn’t be forced on them but rather should be an option they can consider. Aside from promoting spirituality, places of worship tend to organize a lot of healthy teen-related activities that promote interaction and understanding and, therefore, should be made good use of.