The term ‘troubled’ teen can refer to a number of conditions that negatively affect the mental and emotional stability of a teenager. Factors such as sexual, physical and emotional abuse, substance abuse, neglect, academic pressure and parental and family conflicts, to name a few, all contribute to a teen’s inability to cope with circumstances. If a balance is not found, thoughts of suicide and depression can arise to make the situation even more disturbed. Take a look at some of the treatment options available.

Therapy has been found to effectively help treat a number of conditions such as depression, anxiety, addiction and behavioral problems. Troubled teens can stand to benefit from it as the therapist can make them understand personal goals, help them develop relationship-improving skills as well as help them find solutions to their problems.

Structured environments
Teens with more severe problems can enter programs that are structured to provide a semblance of organization to their lives. They usually undergo such treatment at a center where clinical support and intensive therapy is available.

Some teenagers who cannot stand to benefit from less intensive treatment may require psychiatric hospitalization. Suicidal and self-harm tendencies must be monitored closely which is why hospitalization is necessary. Once the patient is deemed to be less of a threat to himself he will move on to lower levels of care.