Teenagers have become increasingly at risk of harboring suicidal tendencies. Once considered to be the problem of adults, today’s teens are not only harboring notions but acting out their tendencies as well. This has caused concern among many quarters and has led experts to list out some of the warning signs so as to help adults put a handle on the trend. Below are given a few.

Obsession with death
Writing poems and stories about death and suicide as well as frequently talking about death are a couple of warning signs to watch out for. Even jokes made about committing suicide are an indication although this alone doesn’t necessarily signify having suicidal tendencies.

Withdrawing into self
Teens with thoughts of suicide tend to withdraw from friends and family. The need to be left alone increases while earlier excitement at activities or things abates. Interest is at an all-time low and it is difficult to get a reaction out of them.

Substance abuse
Substance abuse and suicidal tendencies have a close relationship. The abuse of drugs or alcohol can lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence and the drive to do well in life. When taken together, all these negative emotions can compel teens to put a stop to their existence.